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Chain Gang Rewind...The new generation of the world of wrestling has officially set off and it has been a hit in it's first two weeks of live airing. Last week, we saw John Cena suffer his first defeat since beginning here on Saturday Night Turmoil. John Cena has been trying to make an impression on the boss and it all began on the premiere of Saturday Night Turmoil. John Cena went into a six man tag team match and him and his partners went into the match going up against the team of Edge, Christian, and the man that he will be facing tonight in which is none other then the Olympic Gold Medalist; Kurt Angle. After John Cena and his partners took care of business, John had figured out that on the second show of Turmoil that he would be placed in a fatal four way in which John Cena never picked up momentum and ended up suffering his first defeat. Tonight is the night that John Cena can hopefully prove to 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash that this is John Cena's show and he has what it takes to become the first Pro Wrestling Revolution World Heavyweight Champion! It won't be easy going up against Kurt Angle but John Cena has the feeling that he has the upper hand on Kurt Angle and that he feels as if he can definitely pull out a huge victory in his first singles competition since arriving to Pro Wrestling Revolution. Will John Cena prove to Kevin Nash that he could be the one to become the face of Saturday Night Turmoil and better yet all of Pro Wrestling Revolution? Find out tonight! Live from the U.S Bank Arena!

S C E N E O N E - A Pro Wrestling Revolution special interview with Todd Grisham.

The scenes fade in on Todd Grisham preparing for a interview with a giant Pro Wrestling Revolution's Saturday Night Turmoil sign right behind him. Todd Grisham begins to pant as if he had just began to speak to girls for the first time. Todd Grisham then takes a second to look down at his index cards and then looks back up at the camera and begins to speak.

Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time I would like to introduce my guest for tonight's interview. This man is 1-1 since returning to the ring and tonight he looks to prove a lot to the big boss Kevin Nash when he goes up against Kurt Angle tonight. Without further a-due, I would like to introduce the 'Chain Gang General' John Cena!

Thank Todd, you really hit the head on the nail when you said that tonight is the night that I want to prove myself to the 'big' boss in Kevin Nash. Now that is a true statement Todd, but just a little slight adjustment is necessary. The thing that you said slightly wrong is the word 'want' because it's not that I 'want' to prove myself to Kevin Nash. The correct term that you should have used is the word WILL! because Todd, TONIGHT! in that very ring, John Cena WILL! prove that he is worthy of a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship and John Cena will prove that he won't let ANYTHING hold him back from reaching the coveted Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena seems very confident going into his match tonight and it seems as if John Cena wants the match to already begin. John Cena then looks down for a quick second then looks back up awaiting the next question from Todd Grisham.

Well, you seem quite confident in yourself John. What makes you so confident going into this match tonight against 'The Olympic Gold Medalist' Kurt Angle?

Hmm, why am I so confident going into my match tonight? That's a good question. Well Todd, there are many reasons to why I am so confident. Well Todd, the first reason is this...I simply have the advantage on Kurt Angle. Two weeks ago my partners and myself defeated Kurt Angle and two others that are both way more talented then Kurt Angle can ever dream about having. Now that I have already defeated Kurt Angle but now this week...this week is different Todd. This week, I get to go head to head with Kurt Angle. No one else will be involved and this will be my time to prove to ALL OF THE CHAIN GANG SOLDIERS! out there that John Cena is BACK AND BETTER THEN EVER! and I WILL! become the first Pro Wrestling Revolution World Heavyweight Champion! I mean everything is in my favor Todd. Kurt Angle sucking is a huge and well all the screaming fans out there also think he sucks just as much as I think it Todd. Now mark my words here Todd. Tonight, tonight is the start of something very special and tonight begins my journey to becoming the FIRST! World Heavyweight Champion and I will prove to anyone that gets in my way that I just CAN'T be stopped until I have reached what I want and that is that World Championship!

John Cena was pumped up and wasn't stopping here. John Cena then handed the microphone back over to Todd Grisham and then salutes looking into the camera and then walks off as Pro Wrestling Revolution's Saturday Night Turmoil fades to a commerical.

The Champ
Name: John Cena
Affiliation: Face
Brand: Saturday Night Turmoil
Gimmick: Good Guy, Bad Ass.
Marital Status: Single
Theme: 'The Time Is Now' - John Cena.
Hometown: West Newbury, Mass.
Height/Weight: 6'1/248 lbs.
Dating: N/A
Finisher(s): F-U/STF-U

Handler Info
Name: Justin Starr
Age: 16
Marital Status: Single.
Hobbies: Basketball, Parties, Friends, etc...
Signed Contract: March 03, 2009.
Record [W/L/D]: 1 - 1 - 0
Next Match:
@ Turmoil
Singles Match
vs. Kurt Angle
Championships Won:
Other Notable Accolades:
Awards Won:
Couldn't See Da Champ:
Edge x1
Christian x1
Kurt Angle x2?
Contact Information
E-Mail: better-then-ever@live.com
AIM: DukeBlue0502
Legal Disclaimer
I am in no way affiliated with John Cena, the WWE, TNA, or any other superstars/divas mentioned.. All coding and graphics are credited to JOHNFNWILSON.